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NFT LES 2023

Terms and Conditions

DYOR! Please read before deciding to purchase our NFT Tickets. If you don't agree to the terms do not buy our tickets.

Terms and Conditions

NFT LES 2023

  • Ticketing:
    a. The NFT conference will sell tickets by way of NFTs.
    b. Purchasing a ticket NFT does not confer any intellectual property or ownership rights to the ticket, NFT assets, music performances, live streams, or metaverse shows.
  • Live streaming and recordings:
    a. The event will be live-streamed.
    b. Recording, transmitting or making copies of any of the live stream is strictly prohibited.
    c. Attendees understand that there is no expectation of privacy at the event and that they will be live-streamed to patrons.
    d. The event organizers may take video captured from the live streams and upload these moments onto certain NFT tickets.
  • Speakers and views:
    a. The speakers at the conference are their own person, brand, or company.
    b. The event organizers do not endorse all the views at the conference.
  • Investment expectations:
    a. The NFT conference is not an investment instrument, and attendees should not expect any revenue or profit from buying these NFTs.
  • Legal responsibilities:
    a. No illegal activity is allowed at the event.
    b. Coming to the event is at your own risk.
    c. The event organizers take no responsibility for any harm, loss, or damage that may occur to any attendee, speaker, or staff member at the event.
  • Alcohol consumption:
    a. Attendees should drink responsibly, and the event organizers are not responsible for anyone who does not.

By purchasing an NFT ticket to the NFT conference, you agree to comply with these Terms and Conditions. The NFT conference reserves the right to refuse entry or remove attendees who violate these terms or engage in any illegal or disruptive behavior.

Tickets On Sale Now!