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We're excited to offer you an exclusive opportunity to be a part of this historic event celebrating 50 Years of Hip Hop and NFTs. General Admission IRL tickets for the event are priced at $99.00 and are available for purchase in three different blockchain options - Cardano, Solana, and Polygon.

Live Stream and Virtual Access

Get ready for an epic event! Pay for your IRL tickets with a credit card, and redeem them at one week before the show. Want to sell your ticket on the secondary market? No problem! Plus, every IRL ticket includes access to the live stream on during the event. Don't miss out on this amazing experience! For those who can't attend in person, we've got you covered with a virtual ticket for just $35 in ADA or by credit card.

3 Day IRL General Admission Ticket - $99
3 Day Virtual Live Stream Ticket - $35
Proof of Moment 2023 Time Capsule

Free Drink tickets with every purchase!

This is not your average ticket! With the NFT LES Polygon ticket, you'll be a part of history as the first event to use Rapmints Proof of Moment Technology. Capture every epic moment of the three-day event with videos that will be added to your NFT LES Ticket. Your memories will be curated and uploaded to the 2023 time capsule. This is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that you simply cannot miss! Buy your ticket now using Matic. Will you make the proof of moment?

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Join the fun with ease! Use our Dapp to access and hold your tickets. Connect with your friends who are attending the event though the app. After the event, the platform will then reveal all of the digital clips onto the tickets from the event, and each ticket will receive a 1/1 media clip. This creates sentimental value for the fans of NFT LES.

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