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4.12.2023 - 4.14.2023 Lower East Side Manhattan, NYC

Meet the Game-Changers: Our Revolutionary Speakers

Discover our esteemed speaker panel, comprising of the most innovative minds from leading blockchains, convening to explore the future of Web3 Music, NFTs, and blockchain technology.

Mr. Wonderfu
Rapper and Founder of Networking For Tomorrow
Nicolas Caridi
Fettuccini is the founder of ABHS and DHS, Co-founder of Pultus Art
Web2 to Web 3 Artist / Vocalist / Writer NFTs and Crypto
Jadyn Violet
Founder of UVR - Underground Violet Rave
Tash from the Liks
Hip Hop Legend, Manager, Co Founder of RapMints and HHCC
Kevin St.Clair
Founder of Hip Hop Crypto Club and RapMints
Defi Dayne
Rapper / Co Founder of RapMints, Culture Keepers and Omerta NFT
Angelina Thomas
3D Design, VFX enthusiast, Illustration, and Painting, Art Director of M.I.N.D
Angelina Taylor
3D Design, VFX enthusiast, Illustration, and Painting, Art Director of M.I.N.D
Full Stack Web Developer, Cross Promotion Guru, Curator & Manager
Andrew Donovan
Co-Founder of The Listening Room Song-Writer, Producer and Artist
Co-Founder of The Listening Room & SND Education and Music Producer
Building a new web3 platform to empower artists & content creators.
Co-Founder of Foul Crowd, Comedian, and NFT enthusiast
Founder of Firebird Media, Open Source Musician & Engineer
Dr. Jamilah Merrick
Doctor & Futurist| Founder & CEO of Ethose Labs
Tim Shady
Team Leaders at Not Ok Bears - NFT Project on Ethereum
Team Leader Not Ok Bears - NFT Project on Ethereum
Community Manager for Big Girl Rise - NFT Project on ETH
Founder of Mad Toast World - NFT Project on Ethereum
One Rad Latina
ONe Rad Latian is a multi-disciplinary artist, Founder of The Spray NYC
Music producer, Artist, Founder of Skullhunters NFT
Owns a D2C token gated, Shopify e-commerce store, Good JuuJuu Box
Mariam Nusrat
Founder/CEO of - Game development
A platform empowering musicians & creative artists
Elevated Equity
Brand builder and go to market strategist, Partnerships.
Adam Bloom
Business Development for NEWM music on Cardano
Joanna Kurylo
Revenue growth strategist & Cofounder of UnleashWeb3
Lyndsey Gago
AI Artist & Co founder
of UnleashWeb3
Amanda Schlener
Female lead web 3 security solutions & Co Founder of UnleashWeb3
Julian Love
Digital Assets Venture
Yale MBA '23
Hoon Yoo
Venture Capital Investment Associate | Yale MBA '23
Renato Carregha
Founder and Chief Investment Officer at NAOS Blockchain | Yale MBA '23
Albert Liao
Founder of Creative Juice Entertainment | Yale MBA '23